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 The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]

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PostSubject: The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]   Mon Oct 04, 2010 4:56 pm

Allready waiting at the only gate into the housing section of the village of Tola. Many people had been evacuated, but not nearly everyone was saved. After counting from the sides, it was made public that nineteen villagers had been infected with a sickness caused by Project R. It was not sure where Project R was hiding though, wich was why the adventurers where sent in to deal with R.

A thick blockade was made, sealing all of the infected in the housing district, while all the saved villagers where in tents, waiting for their nightmare to end. Many wished that they could wake up in sweat, thinking that it was just a bad dream, but they could not, since this nightmare was not nearly over. On the other side of the blockade, many dying people where looking for a way out, looking for something to cure themselves. On the outside of the blockade, a large number of guards stood ready to slice them down.

There was one gate, heavily guarded by the royal guard, the best trained men in all of Adilet. It was there that a man in a long, white coat was waiting. "Do not let any of them through, we only have a limited amount of antivirusses. If they break through, clear them from a distance, try to keep some space between you and those people. They are beyond saving." Waiting for the soldiers to arrive, he saved all the reports in a small notebook. All these findings where soon to be transfered back to the Research facility.

[Rodyn and Cassius are to report to Solstice]
[No one is allowed to enter, and will not receive an antidote if they secretly enter]

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PostSubject: Re: The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]   Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:13 pm

The trek through the sewers had made Rodyn feel a bit dirty, but it wasn't anything he was unaccustomed to. Right now, his main worry was making sure this outbreak stayed within this one village, and not to extend out any further. He wondered if there would be anyone to save, if what they were doing was to be naught but fruitless.

When he reached out of the sewers and saw the tents, however, he let out a sigh of relief. At least some people were saved. He walked through the tents before reporting to the obvious current leader of the place, checking to make sure there weren't any injuries, and that people seemed alright.

What he found were people freaked out of their minds, doing everything they could to keep their sanity and wits about them. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to think of something he could tell the people, but there was nothing he could think of. Indeed, there really wasn't anything for him to do but to report to the one the king had called Solstice.

Not sure if he was looking at the right man, he asked a guard if he knew where Solstice was, and that he was help sent from the king. The guard pointed Rodyn in the right direction. Waiting for Cassius's lead, Rodyn followed behind the man towards where Solstice was.
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PostSubject: Re: The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]   Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:23 pm

Despite being encumbered by his armor, Cassius was actually moving very quickly on his feet through the sewers; an order from the King can do that to a man. Although he did in fact volunteer for this mission, Cassius still treated the ordeal as if he received a direct military order from Vergil himself. Cassius was slightly labored at the pace he was keeping with Rodyn through the sewers, but it wasn't anything he couldn't recover with a bit of a rest, which he would assume he would get when he reached Tola.

Exiting the sewers, Cassius feared he may have to thoroughly clean his armor after that trek. Just as the King spoke, he saw the tents and the gate that he and Rodyn were told to go to. Cassius watched Rodyn as he seemed to have some inner turmoil, watching the people cling to their sanity. Cassius found that he began to develop the same sort of struggle within, but decided the best thing he could do for these people right now is to rid their village of whatever is plaguing them. He passed by Rodyn and stopped for a brief moment at his side, placing an armored hand on the man's shoulder before turning and walking toward the gate and, ultimately, Solstice.

Cassius began to wonder how many people would actually survive whatever was going on. He saw the soldiers heavily armed and ready to cut down those villagers that were too far gone. This scene might have disturbed most, and while Cassius was a bit put off by the entire ordeal, if these people were infected, they must be stopped from infecting others. Identifying the man as their contact, Cassius walked up to Solstice and gave him a slight nod.

"We were sent by the King."
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PostSubject: Re: The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]   Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:16 pm

Feeling the armored hand on his shoulder gave Rodyn the confidence boost he needed. Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath and exhaled out slowly, gathering any courage he needed with that one breath. Turning around, he followed behind Cassius after he had said a quick prayer, asking Luminous to guide both his hands and feet in this mission, whatever it was that he had to do.

Just as he was about to take his first step, his eyes caught a glimpse of something. It was a little girl and a boy, not much older than the girl, in a corner by themselves. Quickly jogging over to them, Rodyn already figured what the situation was with them, but he had to verify it anyways.

"Hey, you guys okay? You should stand by a fire, it's a pretty cold night."

The boy looked up to Rodyn, shaking his head.

"Everyone else is with their family. I'm okay, but my sister.."

Not waiting for another word, Rodyn took off the vest he had, leaving him only in his dress trousers and a buttoned up shirt. He opened the vest up and threw it around the girl, smiling as he did so.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure you guys get back home soon. Here.."

While the boy and girl huddled next to each other, Rodyn began piling up some dry grass and leaves, a few bundles of sticks, and some stone to make a circle with. Placing the rest of the tinder in the middle, he made a fire for them, stood up, and walked away before they could say anything else. The last thing Rodyn wanted to do in this situation was make a false promise to the kids that he was going to find their parents.

"My mom wear a green floral pendant, on a gold chain! It was.. a gift dad and us got for her birthday. Please, mister..!!"

Rodyn put his head down and just ran after Cassius, shaking his head of any thoughts he had. He tried not to look at anyone else in the makeshift camp. He was here for one reason, and it wasn't to help these people. That much could be told, already.
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PostSubject: Re: The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]   

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The cleansing [Quest][Private][Rodyn/Fourth]
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